xiao ya

Gables, is called ‘cuo tou jiao’ in chaoshan dialect, meaning ear of the home.


The towering and tall ‘cuo tou jiao’ is the conspicuous element of Chaoshan traditional houses, and a symbol to recognize home. 

This ‘cuo tou jiao’ is the key element in Prof. Haoyu Li’s design of this salt & pepper shaker set, which makes it realized that Chaoshan people can carry part of his home wherever he is all over the world.

This set contains 2 shakers, 1 shaker holder and a tissue holder, which all inspired by the Chaoshan traditional architecture elements.

The unique and traditional Chaoshan culture is reflected across its food, language and architecture. The harmonious and balance of 5 elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth from Feng Shui is always emphasized among them, so as in the building of ‘cuo tou jiao’. A rounder and wider shape represents Gold. A rounder but straighter represents Wood. A curving wave top represents Water. A closed angle top represents Fire, and a shorter but slimmer shape represents Earth. For better functional and shaping concern, a Gold ‘cuo tou jiao’ was chose and applied in the design of 2 shakers.



The shaker holder was inspired by the pond which always located in front of the house. In Chaoshan, house are traditionally built with a mountain in the back and a pond in the front, by which they believe ‘Qi’ was embraced and house was guarded. A peaceful pond, some words of home dialect and a dish from mother recipe top up in every Chaoshanese recall of hometown. 2 shakers and the holder complete a 3D Chinese painting of one’s nostalgia.