xiao ya

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Xiao Ya, meaning elegance, was named from the Book of Songs which is a poetry of the pre-Qin period (1100 – 600 B.C.) and begins the reality in Chinese poetry writing. Appreciation of stones, grass and orchids appear a lot in it and influences further to the setting of Chinese scholars’ study and desks. Xiao Ya was designed as a set of elegant tableware, also an echo and awakening to the Chinese scholar life style in nowadays popular food culture.

A typical shape of gables from southern part of China is the key element in the design of shakers and tissue holder. The shaker holder was inspired by the pond which always located in front of the house. In southern part of China, houses are traditionally built with a mountain at the back and a pond in the front, by which they believe ‘Qi’ was embraced and house was guarded.

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This design, produced in fine porcelain with crafts and color origin from Song dynasty (960 – 1279 A.D.), works functionally and decorates one’s table with a peacefully and poetic flavor of Chinese painting. A soft but safe package also helps to realized that overseas Chinese can carry part of his home wherever he is all over the world.