The draft design for CIDC's(Cheung Kong Industrial Design Center) interior had been finished in 2012 and had to solve four problematic aspects:
How to find a balance between a working and a meeting space?
How to ventilate half of the space without any windows?
How to create a visual appealing space divider for the different spaces?
How to integrate and hide storage space in the overall design?
The working and meeting space are divided nicely by the entrance zone, which includes glass panels of frosted glass with thin openings in between to maximize natural sunshine from the outside. The working areas in each half of the room are not stationary, they can be rearranged for different projects. By rising the reading area a hughe storage compartement is made unde the floor. The entrance area is covered by unpolished veneer, while the outside areas are painted white. This way the interior design is communicating the division of each room section without a separation through solid walls.